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 Pastor Errol Kingston Bullen was born in San Pablo, California, to the proud parents of Deacon Errol Bullen Sr. and Sister Mitchell-Bullen. Pastor Bullen is the grandson of The late Aaron Mitchell, Alfred Payton, and Emma Mitchell. Pastor Bullen accepted Christ at an early age at the St. John Missionary Baptist Church, where the late Dr. C. J. Anderson was pastor.  He is saved, sanctified, and certainly filled with the Holy Spirit; and he is anointed by God to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes.        He accepted his calling to the gospel ministry at the age of eight years old. Pastor Bullen was also licensed to preach at the age of 16 years old and ordained at the age of 21. Pastor Bullen attended Shiloh Bible College and Patten University, and after Patten University's economic downfall Pastor Bullen finished his studies at North Bay Theological Seminary and received his Associate's degree, Master’s degree, and Doctorates degree in theology from the North Bay Theological Seminary. Pastor Bullen loves to minister, preach, pray, and sing. Pastor Bullen has been blessed to travel with his mother, the renowned International Gospel recording artist, Freda Mitchell.

He sings and preaches in various countries, states, and cities including Australia, the Bahamas, Texas, Louisiana, New York, Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Pastor Bullen has appeared at the Paramount Theater and has been a special guest on several religious television programs that help to encourage believers young and old to let their light shine for Jesus. Pastor Bullen is a featured soloist on his mother's most recent recording "Soon I will be done." He has released his first solo CD entitled, “Granny's Boy", which was released internationally, in 2003. He also released his second CD entitled “Give Him the Praise;” in 2011 and has recently recorded his new single entitled “Lord I trust in You” which can be found on iTunes and Google Play. He has appeared on stage with gospel greats Lee Williams, Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, and Earnest Pugh 

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Pastor Bullen served as Youth Pastor at the Third Baptist Church, in San Francisco, California, under the pastorship of Dr. Amos C. Brown. He later transitioned to The Harmony Missionary Baptist Church; formerly pastored by the late great, Bishop A.L. Cobbs Sr. and served as the youth minister, minister of music, and organist for Bishop A.L. Cobbs Sr. Bishop Cobbs played a dual role as a spiritual advisor and mentor to Pastor Bullen. In addition to these accomplishments, Pastor Bullen has served as the youth president of the NAACP in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pastor Bullen is the organizer and Pastor of the Deliverance Full Gospel M.B. Church of Oakland, CA, and has recently organized a second location and ministry in Antioch, CA. Pastor Bullen is the District Director of the Bay Area District of the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, and Pastor Bullen has recently organized the International fellowship of Churches and Pastor.   


Pastor Bullen has dedicated and is devoting his heart and his time to fulfilling the destiny of helping other young men, young women, and the entire body of Christ, to know Christ in the pardoning of their sins. He is also gifted in motivating the body of Christ into activating the purpose of God in their lives.


Pastor Bullen loves God and his people. He has a charming personality, a humble spirit and a meek character. He is called and appointed by God, and is pre-destined for greatness, and has positioned himself for whatever God has for him to accomplish in His life. To know him is to LOVE him, to God be the Glory! Amen.

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