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Deliverance Missionary Baptist Church

“The Place Where Deliverance & Development Takes Place”

 Errol K. Bullen Jr. Pastor    & Teacher  



Vision: Our vision is to be a church where deliverance and development takes place. We are A church that looks beyond the faults of individuals and focuses on the need. We are a ministry who loves to converse with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. We are a ministry who takes the offended and help them to become content defender of the faith. We are a ministry who cares about the community we serve. We are a ministry who wants to build by winning souls for the kingdom of God.  


Mission: To communicate to the people of the world, the life-changing power of Jesus Christ in a practical and understandable way; to develop them into responsible, productive, successful Christians; and equip them for their ministry in the church and life mission in the world; as they become a part of God's family, in order to magnify His name. (Matthew 28:18-20) To fulfill the mission of God to reconcile all things to himself, God sends the church into the world to spread the gospel, to evangelize, to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God, and to embody in its corporate life the message of reconciliation.

"To   Equip the   Saints, Evangelize the Sinner, and Evaluate the Harvest"


              Three Pillars of the Church   

  1. Excellence

  2. Evangelism

  3. Effectiveness       

Five Purposes of our Church

  1. Worship

  2. Evangelism

  3. Fellowship

  4. Discipleship

  5. Ministry

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