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Deliverance Missionary Baptist Church was organized February 12, 2012, our first Church service was held at Church of all Faith in Oakland, California and (15) people united with the Lords church on that day. Pastor Bullen heard the voice of the Lord to organize Deliverance Missionary Baptist Church. He shared the vision with his mother Alfreda Mitchell-Bullen, Sister Shanene Higgins, and Sister Tammy Nagel, and they were the staff that helped and supported Pastor Bullen in his first step of faith. After Deliverance first service, Pastor Bullen began to look for a location to have worship service and Pastor Ursell Brandon and Greater Faith Full Gospel Baptist Church opened their doors. After being there for six months Pastor Bullen and Deliverance moved to the Star Light Missionary Baptist Church for a year, and after being there a year Deliverance moved to the Israelite Baptist Church and stayed there close to a year and one month. Pastor Joe smith, president of the Bay cities Baptist ministers union referred Pastor Bullen to Pastor Leon McDaniels who had a vacant church building called Mount Herman Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor Bullen and his staff met with Pastor McDaniels we got permission to hold service at Mount Herman Baptist Church on September 1, 2014, as an incentive to lease or buy Mount Herman Missionary Baptist Church building. After that Deliverance moved in and cleaned the building. Pastor Bullen saw the vision and moved forward although some people didn't see the vision. After this Pastor Bullen and Deliverance secured the lease and moved in the building January 1, 2014. Since being here many ministries have been added such as children's church, Deliverance Ensemble, Deacons and Deaconess ministry, Ushers ministry, and a powerful radio broadcast which was aired on KDIA 1640 a.m. Each Sunday night from 8 to 9 PM, international and national live stream ministry via Internet and Facebook Live, a feeding ministry, and a powerful Thursday night prayer service. Also since moving to this location we have painted the Interior part of the church, repaired the roof, remodel the kitchen, bought a deep freezer and refrigerator, and upgraded our audio and visual system, as well as sponsored our first community block party, and several toy giveaways To God be the glory for all the things he has done. With God’s help Deliverance along with our pastor is looking to do many more great things to enhance the kingdom of God.

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